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Дж. Анголия. Униформа, организация и история германской полиции

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Отправлено апр 11 2020 15:19:26

Uniforms, Organizations and History of the German Police by John R Angolia.
"To begin with, this book is huge, well bound, and printed with high quality. The book has many good photos, both modern and vintage, of uniforms, caps, insignia, and gear. It is designed to be more of a reference book rather than something you would read from cover to cover. 
I bought the book to help me put together an accurate schupo impression in my WW2 military reenacting unit. Just skimming through the book, you will quickly realize that the German Nazi-era police state was rather complicated in organization and functionally diverse. 
Unfortunately, I found the book to be organized and written in a rather confusing manner. There are some glaring ambiguities in some of the information presented. Much of the rest is only covered in a cursory manner with some obvious gaps. With this book as a starting point, I did some research on the internet (mostly on German language websites), and I was finally able to fill in the gaps, clear up some confusion, and better understand ranks and the differences in uniforms, insignia, caps, etc. 
If you think this book will answer all of your questions about Nazi era polizei, you will probably be rather disappointed. It does provide a good research starting point, however..."
От себя - Учитывая огромное количество материала, изложенного в 2х томнике, данные справочные пособия, однако, не лишены ряда ошибочных сведений. Но, вместе с тем, подача материала сделана хорошо и доступно. 
Формат - pdf.
С Уважением, Lib13.

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  • Дж. Анголия. Униформа, организация и история германской полиции

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